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             CISTH - School Rules   育華中文學校 - 校規


1. 學生在校期間,儀容外表,以端莊樸素為宜。

2. 在校園內不可穿有滑輪的鞋。


1. 尊敬師長,以禮待人,尊敬同學,於機會、上課及排隊時自律自覺,保持肅靜。

2. 愛護公物,珍惜資源,保持學校清潔、不得在校園內塗鴉、隨地丟垃圾和蓄意堵塞學校廁所等。嚴禁破壞公物,包括撕毀學校海報和同學作業,    以及嚴禁吃口香糖。

3. 有愛師長和同學,言談不帶污言穢語,不侮辱、恐嚇和霸凌他人。

4. 勤於課業,上課時準備好課本及應用文具。

5. 重視誠信,拾遺後應盡快向校方報告。

6. 準時上學,不遲到,不無故早退缺席,在校期間不得擅自離開學校。

7. 積極參加校方舉辦的活動,不作校內校外的滋事行為。

8. 要注意健康,不作對身體造成傷害的行為,任何場合都不能與別人發生毆鬥或蓄意傷害别人身體。

9. 貴重物品及任何利器不應攜帶回校,不可偷竊。

10. 考試測驗時,必須遵守學校的有關規則。


育华中文学校 - 校规


1. 学生在校期间,仪容外表,以端庄朴素为宜。

2. 在校园内不可穿有滑轮的鞋子。


1. 尊敬师长,以礼待人,尊敬同学,于集会、上课及排队时自律自觉,保持肃静。

2. 爱护公物,珍惜资源,保持学校清洁、不得在校园内涂鸦、随地丢垃圾和蓄意堵塞学校厕所等。严禁破坏公物,包括撕毁学校海报和同学作业,以及严禁吃口香糖。

3. 有爱师长和同学,言谈不带污言秽语,不侮辱、恐嚇和霸凌他人。

4. 勤于课业,上课时准备好课本及应用文具。

5. 重视诚信,拾遗后应尽快向校方报告。

6. 准时上学,不迟到,不无故早退缺席,在校期间不得擅自离开学校。

7. 积极参加校方举办的活动,不作校内校外的滋事行为。

8. 要注意健康,不作对身体造成伤害的行为,任何场合都不能与别人发生殴斗或蓄意伤害别人身体。

9. 贵重物品及任何利器不应携带回校,不可偷窃。

10. 考试测验时,必须遵守学校的有关规则。


 School Rules


1. During the school period, students should look dignified and simple.

2. Shoes with pulleys are not allowed on campus.

Attitude Behaviour

1. Respect the teacher, treat others with courtesy, respect the students, be self-disciplined and self-conscious during assemblies, classes, and queues, and maintain silence.

2. Cherish public property, cherish resources, keep the school clean, do not graffiti on campus, throw garbage on the ground and deliberately block school toilets. Vandalism of public property is strictly prohibited, including tearing up school posters and classmates’ homework, as well as chewing gum.

3. There are teachers and classmates who love teachers and classmates, talk without filthy words, and do not insult, intimidate and bully others.

4. Be diligent in schoolwork, prepare textbooks and apply stationery during class.

5. Attach importance to integrity, and report to the school as soon as possible after picking up the pieces.

6. Go to school on time, not be late, leave early without reason, and leave the school without permission during the school period.

7. Actively participate in activities organised by the school and do not engage in provocative acts inside and outside the school.

8. Pay attention to health, do not act that cause harm to the body, and do not fight with others or deliberately harm others’ bodies on any occasion.

9. Valuables and any sharp objects should not be carried back to school and should not be stolen.

10. When taking the test, you must follow the relevant rules of the school.

The above rules shall be decided by the Principal or the School Council and may be amended or deleted at any time. Students who violate the above school rules may be punished with penalties such as a warning, suspension, or expulsion according to their severity. If the school does not notify the school of absent absence for three days during the school year, the school has the right to expel the student, and if he/she misses the class due to the incident, he/she shall submit a leave letter to the class teachers.