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Teachers Group Photos 2017 (11/03/2017)

GCSE Award Ceremony (09/11/2016)

Students receiving their award from the Deputy Head. Tower Hamlets Idea Store Learning - Simon Leveaux

(100% of students achieved A* in their GCSE)

Teachers Group Photo 2016 (30/04/2016)

GCSE and AS Level Students 2016 (30/04/2016)

Teacher's Training Day (06/03/2016) - Delivered by UKAPCE

Early GCSE/A Level Award Ceremony 2015 (06/11/2015)

Students receiving their award from the Mayor of Tower Hamlets - John Biggs

(100% of Cantonese students achieved A* and 100* of Mandarin students achieved A*/A in their GCSE)

Representatives of welcoming President of the People's Republic of China

outside Buckingham Palace (20/10/2015)

Teachers INSET Day (23/07/2015) - Delivered by the Community Language Services of Tower Hamlets

塔橋區語言服務部 - 教師培訓班

Whole School Staff INSET Day (March 2014)

育華中文學校 - 全校教師培訓日

UKAPCE Chinese Culture Exhibition (12/04/2014)

英國中文教育促進會 - 中華文化展覽

30th Graduation Ceremony on East End Life Newspaper (29/07/2013)

Winners of Culture & Knowledge Competition and Writing Competition 2012 by UKAPCE

英國中文教育促進會 - 中華文化知識競賽及國際兒童寫作比賽2012得獎學生

Outstanding Teachers Award 2012 - Christina Lang

2012年度優秀老師獎 - 梁陳淑敏老師

Christmas Celebration 2012 Video Clips

(Sponsored by The Canary Wharf Group)